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FRAMEWORKS PRODUCTION was born as a result of the mere passion and joy in photography. And we want to apply this passion of capturing everlasting images to your special milestones in life.

Life is a journey. Be it the unique life-story of a person, the everyday chaotic scene, a day at work, a wedding or an event. Be it joyous or sad - every of these moments are precious and deserved to be documented and told in a unique way. FRAMEWORKS PRODUCTION will help you relate these stories to the world through images. We believe in understanding the stories and background behind each scene in order to bring out the beauty, honesty and mood.

With a passion in documentary, photojournalism/editorial and events photography, we help you capture the mood in a fraction of a second. We freeze a moment of your life that you will forget in just the same amount of time. We are here to capture your special moment in a journalistic style and to tell a story behind each and every photograph.